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Our goal at Functional Performance Center is to maximize each client’s quality of life and movement potential through a one on one approach with our doctoral trained physical therapists.

We start each visit with a thorough examination to assess movement quality and potential. During the evaluation each individual’s movement impairment and tissue pathology is diagnosed, a treatment plan is discussed and goals agreed upon. Individual plans of care combined with our unique skill set are focused to optimize our client’s functional potential and quality of life.

Our clients relieve a combination of manual (hands on) treatment, manipulation, exercise prescription, all with a heavy dose of education about their unique impairment.

It is our goal to improve each client’s movement potential, quality of life, and ability to self-manage and improve their current condition.

Hours of Operation:

Our Littleton Clinic is open Monday through Thursday 7:00AM-6:00PM, Friday 7:00 AM-3:30PM

We also offer services at Lockheed Martin Waterton Campus Monday and Thursday Mornings for Workman's Compensation cases only.


Want Some Help?